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The SMSF Review is made up of a number of components:

1. A FREE comprehensive online resource center of independent information, education, strategies, and calculators for Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) trustees, plus a free monthly newsletter, and regular audio & written technical updates.

The SMSF Review website brings together in one central place easy to understand information on the wide variety of topic areas that can apply to SMSF trustees, along with a number of tools to help you build your skills and make better trustee decisions. This info and education is delivered across written articles, audio podcasts (SMSF Radio), a News & Updates Blog, comparison tables, and online presentations, plus online calculators and projection tools. Membership is FREE, and enables us to keep you up to date via our monthly newsletter and regular technical audio & Blog updates.

CLICK HERE for more on the benefits of becoming a FREE member, and browse the info on the right hand menu under the heading "SMSF Info, Education & Strategies".


2. The SMSF Investor

The SMSF Investor is the section of the site aimed at assisting the long term SMSF investor. It is for those trustees who only want to be invested in high quality assets (at the right price) within a prudent strategic asset allocation, and to avoid being invested in risk assets in the big bear markets / recessions. CLICK HERE to find out more on The SMSF Investor.


Also included is an Investor Education centre with a range of resources to help you build your knowledge on investing in your SMSF. CLICK HERE to go there now.


Our SMSF Investment Strategy template closely follows the requirements of SIS Reg 4.09 and includes the latest requirements (July2012) that need to be included in this document. We have separate templates for those in the Accumulation phase and Pension phase. These are available for free for subscribers of The SMSF Investor. CLICK HERE to go there now.


3. Group Benefits for our Members

Our members can benefit from our scale by obtaining wholesale rates for SMSF products or services.


For example, you can now obtain Life and TPD insurance in your SMSF at wholesale rates. CLICK HERE for more info.


4. Other SMSF Document Templates

We can provide a Derivatives Risk Statement template for those trading derivatives where an asset of the fund is held as security for the requirements of an approved exchange (such as buy-writes or covered calls). CLICK HERE.


A non lapsing Binding Death benefits nomination is also available for free. CLICK HERE.


5. SISFA - our representative to Government and Regulators

The Small Independent Superannuation Funds Association is Australia's original SMSF advocate body, and is the official direct voice to Government and the regulators for members of The SMSF Review. SISFA provides an important link between fund trustees, the superannuation industry, authorities and the community though its regular liaison and submissions to Government and the ATO on matters such as policy, proposed legislation and rulings impacting on SMSFs. CLICK HERE for more info on how you can submit your views.


6. The SMSF Directory

Our SMSF services directory provides you with one central place to browse providers of the various types of specialist services you may need to engage over the life cycle of your DIY Superannuation fund. From fund establishment, end of year administrators, auditors, and strategy advisers, through to stockbrokers, investment newsletters, insurers and more. Its all here in the one spot. CLICK HERE to go there now.




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