Calculators & Projection Tools



Pre Retirement


Superannuation Accumulation Calculator  

Projects assets at retirement in either nominal or today's dollars for individuals under the age of 55. .

Government co-contribution Calculator  

This link goes to the ATO's website, where this calculator will work out for you how much of the Government co-contribution you would be entitled to based on your own level of contributions and your income.


Transition to Retirement


Transition to Retirement Calculator 2011/12
A TTR strategy projection for the 2011-12 year that allows precise optimisation of the drawdown percentage.


Multi Year TTR Calculator
A TTR strategy projection that shows the gain in account value over a number of years.

Post Retirement


Retirement Planner Calculator  (Pre & post retirement all in one)

This is ASIC's retirement calculator, which works out how much you could save in your super until you retire. Once you retire, it assumes you don't contribute any more to super. So then it works out how much you can draw out of your super in retirement. Finally, it works out how much of the government age pension you may be able to receive. Awesome all-in-one calculator !!!


Income Stream (SMSF Pension) Calculator  

This is ASIC's "account based pension calculator". It shows you the level of income you can receive from a superannuation pension and how long it will last based on your inputs of returns and fees.


Income Stream (SMSF Pension) Minimum Required Pension Calculator
Calculates the minimum required for an account based pension.


Superannuation Capital Usage Forecaster
When will the money run out. Can be used to calculate sustainable level of payment for the buffer approach.



Calculates both single and joint life survival probabilities.


Year End Allocations

This calculator is for simple year end accumulation account earnings and expense allocations. It uses a uniform cashflow assumption.

Investment Management


SMSF Property Loan with Limited Recourse Loan Calculator

This calculator can be used to investigate whether it would be more beneficial to hold an investment property in a SMSF or directly. It can also be used as a stand alone calculator for either holding structure.




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