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The SMSF Review is the essential online resource for trustees of Self Managed Super
Funds (SMSFs).

Our objective is to provide an easy to follow, online resource to assist SMSF trustees with managing
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The SMSF Investor

The SMSF Investor is a section of the website aimed at assisting the conservative, long term SMSF investor. It is for those trustees who want to be invested within a prudent strategic asset allocation, and avoid being invested in risk assets in the big bear markets / recessions. Weekly updates provide key themes and portfolio strategy.

Group benefits for our members

Benefit from our scale and large membership. For example, it used to be that SMSFs paid a lot more for Life & TPD insurance. The Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Master Insurance Plan provides SMSFs online access to insurance at competitive wholesale rates providing our members with significant savings on premiums.

SMSF Technical education & strategies

Our SMSF Technical Education & Strategies library is a collection of easy to read reference material that you can refer to when you need to know what you are allowed to do in your SMSF, and what strategies can be deployed. From basic rules to more advanced strategies, its all here. We also provide many articles as audio podcasts.

SMSF technical update Podcasts

SMSF Technical updates are audio podcasts on SMSF Radio where we look at what is happening in the world of SMSFs, particularly from a technical viewpoint. This will include updates on rules, laws, and announcements from the Government or the ATO that can affect you. This is a very easy way to stay up to date !

SMSF Basics, setup, & admin info

If your new to SMSFs, then this is a good place to start. Learn the basics of what an SMSF is and how it works. There are also a number of issues to consider prior to establishing an SMSF. And whilst all SMSFs are required to complete their annual administration obligations, there are in fact different types of administration, and a number of ways that they can charge.

Calculators & Projection Tools

Calculators and projection tools can assist with a variety of computational issues. The calculators and projection tools in this section cover pre-retirement, transition to retirement, and post retirement calculations. From wanting to know how much super you'll end up with based on your contributions, through to working out how much age pension your entitled to, its all here.

Comparison Tables

Finding it difficult to compare service providers in the SMSF space? Our comparison tables will help you find the provider that fits your needs . It covers online brokers, investment newsletters, and SMSF setup & administration providers, with summary information plus pricing so you can compare apples with apples.

SMSF Investment Strategy Template

Requirements for what needs to be included in your SMSF Investment strategy have changed from 1 July 2012. The SMSF Review has a comprehensive, detailed SMSF investment strategy template that incorporates these changes. We have one for those members in the Accumulation phase, and one for those members in the Pension phase.

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