The SMSF Investor

The essential resource for safety conscious
SMSF investors

Investing safely and making the right choices in your SMSF is not always easy.


In this information age, there is an absolute mountain of info, analysis, and opinion coming at you from all angles.

Its complete overload, and it can often lead to poor decisions.


How do you cut through it all to focus on just the really important info ?


How do you then analyse that information and make asset allocation decisions ?


How do you then construct a portfolio of appropriate high quality assets to get a required return with the least amount of risk ?


And most of all - how do you do all this WITHOUT wasting large amounts of time on it ?

Welcome to The SMSF Investor
The SMSF Investor is the section of The SMSF Review providing a concise strategic resource for long term, safety conscious SMSF investors.

It’s objective is to provide SMSF trustees with an easy to follow resource to safely manage a diversified, SMSF portfolio.


Our job is to do all the top down research and to boil it all down into a summarised format that you can actually understand and use.


No more being overwhelmed by the mountain of information
No more overcomplicating it
No more reinventing the wheel



Strategic Content

Key Investment Themes

As the first part of the investment process, its important for SMSF investors to be aware of the big picture themes driving or distorting the investment markets. There is an enormous amount of info out there. This section summarises it for you into a concise format on a monthly basis.


Global Macroeconomic Indicators

Economic recessions and the resultant big bear markets in risk assets are generally the biggest threat to retiree (and other investor) portfolios. They often cause destructive portfolio losses, and so avoiding them will help preserve your capital and can significantly add to long term portfolio performance.

Now here’s the thing - they don’t just appear out of the blue. There are generally warning signs via recession forecasting models. Each month, we'll provide you an update on the status of the major economies.


Portfolio Strategy & Strategic Asset Allocation

If you don’t survive the big bear markets in risk assets, then your portfolio becomes vastly diminished long term, especially if you are drawing an income. In fact, if you are drawing an income your portfolio struggles to ever really fully recover which can mean a permanent downshift in your capital and future income.


Portfolio strategy is formulated based on the aggregate of the big key themes, the economic recession risks, and the market risk indicators we follow. Strategic asset allocations are provided for various age groups across risk assets, defensive assets, and secure assets.



SMSF Investment Education

The purpose of our SMSF Investor Education Centre is to assist you towards an outstanding retirement by providing as much guidance and info as we can on the various investment asset classes, strategies, and investment methods for SMSFs, along with debunking some of the myths and highlighting some of the bigger risk area's that require caution.The reason is simple - knowledge is power - and empowering SMSF trustees with knowledge goes to the heart of what The SMSF Review and The SMSF Investor are all about.




The information in this newsletter and on The SMSF Investor section of The SMSF Review website is intended to be general in nature and is not personal financial product advice. It does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any information, you should consider the appropriateness of the information provided and the nature of the relevant financial product having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. In particular, you should seek independent financial advice and read the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) or other offer document prior to making an investment decision (including a decision about whether to acquire or continue to hold) about a financial product. All such PDSs or offer documents are available free of charge on the issuer’s website or by contacting your financial adviser.

None of this content may be republished without our express written permission. Copyright 2013.




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