It's FREE, but the benefits are huge !!
Want to join the most educated, empowered group of SMSF trustees in the country, and have complete access to all our educational content, get updates, and much more.........and not pay a cent ?
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The SMSF Review is Australia's most comprehensive online resource centre of independent information, education, and strategies for Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) trustees.


For ease of access, all of the educational material on the site is directly open to anyone landing on the site - that is, you dont need to be a member or need a login.



So what are the benefits of being a member ??


Monthly e-newsletter

- Members receive email updates on any changes, ATO updates, events, new articles, or strategies that have been added to the site. This will generally happen via our regular monthly e-newsletter. Remember, it can be that one new strategy that applies to you that can have a profound affect on your SMSF.


- For any urgent issues however, we may do an intra-month update, but this will be rare. We try to keep it to just once a month.


- And NO, we won't give your email address to anyone. No Spam........just an SMSF update around once a month. Simple.



Have your voice heard with SISFA

SISFA is the Small Independent Superannuation Funds Association. It was established in 1998 (inc in 1999) as Australia’s first SMSF advocate association, and since then has grown to be the national voice for SMSFs in the superannuation policy debate.

SISFA is the official advocate group directly representing members of The SMSF Review. It provides an important link between fund trustees, the superannuation industry, authorities and the community though its regular liaison and submissions to Government and the ATO on matters such as policy, proposed legislation and rulings impacting on SMSFs.


CLICK HERE for more info on how you can have your say.



SMSF professionals get free listings on The SMSF Directory

The SMSF Directory is a central directory of professionals, businesses, events and promotions for self managed superannuation funds. A number of our trustee members are also advisers, accountants, and other professionals that service SMSFs and may want to list on this directory. If this applies to you, then as a member, you can receive a free showcase ad listing on The SMSF Directory.


Group benefits

Our intention is that as the membership grows and we get the benefits of scale, we'll be able to attract volume discounts from service suppliers who can then offer them out to our members.


Put it all together and this is as good as it gets in terms of having your own SMSF online resource that is at your disposal 24/7, is constantly updated in the future for when laws change and new strategies are formed, keeps you up to date on a monthly basis, and provides the many benefits listed above.........and it doesn't cost a cent.





It's FREE, but the benefits
are huge. Stay up to date
with all the latest strategies,
get access to all of our
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