Super limits & thresholds

This section provides a range of handy reference material including up to date rates and thresholds that are relevant to SMSFs. Note this content was created and is updated by NetActuary.

Contribution Information

Contribution Caps
Superannuation Guarantee % and Maximum Base .
Co-contribution Thresholds



Pension Information

Account-Based Pension Min Factors (Post 1/7/2007)
Allocated Pensions Min/Max Factors (Pre 1/1/06)
Allocated Pensions Min/Max Factors (Post 1/1/06)
Payment Factors for Market Linked Income Streams
Life Expectancy for Pension Purposes
Australian Life Tables 2005-07



Superannuation Benefit Information

Preservation Age
Lump Sum Benefits
Income Stream Payments
Employment Termination Payments (ETP)



Centrelink Age Pension Information

How Much Pension
Allowable Income
Allowable Assets
Other Centrelink Info



Economic Information

Personal Tax Rates
Historical Bond Yields
Fund Returns to 30 June
ASX 200 Accumulation Index
CPI Indexation Factors
AWOTE Index Numbers
Daily UK Exchange Rates
Senior Australian Tax Offset



Superceded Information

Reasonable Benefit Limits (RBL)
Age Contribution Limits to 2006/7
Post 83 Thresholds and Tax
Surcharge Thresholds


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