SISFA - your voice

The Small Independent Superannuation Funds Association is Australia's original SMSF advocate body, and is your direct voice to Government and the regulators.


SISFA is the Small Independent Superannuation Funds Association. It was established in 1998 (inc in 1999) as Australia’s first SMSF advocate association, and since then has grown to be the national voice for SMSFs in the superannuation policy debate.

SISFA provides an important link between fund trustees, the superannuation industry, authorities and the community though its regular liaison and submissions to Government and the ATO on matters such as policy, proposed legislation and rulings impacting on SMSFs.

How you can have your say

When various issues arise where SISFA makes an official submission to the Government or the regulator, we will highlight these in our monthly newsletter and provide an avenue for you to put forward your views and opinions.


SISFA representatives will then take all of these into account when making their submissions to the Government and the ATO.


At various times throughout the year, SISFA will also ask for responses from our members to questions and short survey's to enable them to stay on top of the issues that matter most to SMSF trustees.


If you have immediate feedback or issues you would like SISFA to consider, you can contact us with SISFA in the subject line and we will forward this to the relevant party in SISFA.





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