SMSF Investing Education & Strategies

There are many reasons why investors can be attracted to a DIY / Self Managed Superannuation Fund, such as tax efficiency, estate planning benefits, and the general flexibility and control of SMSF's.

The bottom line however, is that the general financial state of your retirement is going to be governed by the success or failure of your investing within your Fund. Regardless of the other benefits of a SMSF, how you invest your money in your SMSF is the most crucial element determining where your going to end up financially in retirement.


A key feature of SMSFs is the enormous range of investment choice on offer. Almost anything you can invest in as an individual, you can also invest in within a SMSF (within certain guidelines). This is both a blessing and a curse. It's great to have the choice, but it can also lead investors astray when they are trying to figure out which of the many many many strategies out there they should follow within a prudent risk framework.


The purpose of our SMSF Investing Education & Strategies section is to assist you towards an outstanding retirement by providing as much guidance and info as we can on the various investment asset classes, strategies, and investment methods for SMSFs, along with debunking some of the myths and highlighting some of the bigger risk area's that require caution.


Set the foundation first


A step by step SMSF investment process

Asset Allocation


Value Investing (various articles, video and presentations)

Investing in Shares (ASX online learning modules)



Warrants & Instalments (ASX online learning modules)

Options (ASX online learning modules)

Futures & CFDs (ASX online learning modules)


Bonds & Fixed Income

Why Fixed Income ?

Understanding the Capital Structure

What is the yield curve ?

Factors to consider when constructing a fixed income portfolio

How changes to the cash rate impact bond prices

What keeps you up at night ? Fixed Income may be the solution.

Risk Allocation - why a substantial allocation to bonds is needed


Investing in Property



Forex Trading



Managed Investments

Managed Funds

Hedge Funds

Managed Share Portfolios

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)  


Cash / Bank Account

Cash in SMSFs




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